SecureHSM Storage is situated in a 
     secure Business Park. 
Each unit built to the highest 
     building standards.
Roller shutter doors allow maximum use of the full internal area, with provision for your own padlocks (x 2).

SafeEach client supplied with an unique code to allow access to his/her storage unit from 07h00 to 18h30 from Monday to Sunday.
Our system allows us to keep record of access dates and times.
24 hour guard and armed response service.
Electrified perimeter fencing.
CCTV Surveillance cameras.

Easy AccessThe layout of the storage complex ensures ease of access to all units.
Paved roads in between the blocks ensures clean and tidy units.

What fits?

5 Different unit sizes

Storage units are clean and tidy and in a safe complex where you can store that paraphernalia that clutters up your home, garage or garden shed with utmost confidence. 

3 x 3 = Contents of a bachelor flat
4 x 3 = Contents of a 2 bedroom house or flat
6 x 3 = Contents of a 3 bedroom house
6 x 6 = Contents of your house as well as your car
8 x 4 = Caravan, boats, etc.

Want to store?

storage request

Submit your storage requirements to us and we will get back to you within 48hrs to finalise your request to store at HSM Storage.

Vox Telecom : 011 072 5894 
   Telkom: 010 222 0515

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3x34x3 6x36x68x4